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Hi! I am a 22 yo bisexual/homoflexible gender-fluid dude. I studied wildlife and conservation biology and sociology/anthropology in college annnnnd...
I'm going to be a cage dancer.
and my name is Sammy :)

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"Blue Little" // 10:32

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Voyager Golden Record 1977

If the human race manages to kill itself, a set of pictures and sounds of Earth were put on Voyager 1 and 2. This time capsule of sorts, was intended for alien or far-future human life that may encounter the Voyager. It would help them understand the culture and diversity of life on Earth. Carl Sagan headed the committee that chose what would go inside.

Here are some of the pictures






HERE are some more of the pictures.

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Christian Hidaka - Dark Little Island
Oil on canvas, 90x120 cm (2010)

Boodie  (Burrowing Bettong, Lesueur’s Rat Kangaroo) 
The Boodie, scientifically named Bettongia lesueur (Diprotodontia - Potoroidae), is a small Australian marsupial. Like a little kangaroo, the Boodie has well developed, muscular hind limbs and short muscular forearms. The head is small with a pointed muzzle, short rounded ears and beady black eyes. 
Boodies are listed as Near Threatened because its extent of occurrence is small and it is known from just 6-8 locations. It was formerly widespread in central, southern, and south-western parts of Australia, but the species was eradicated as a result of predation by introduced animals. However, it persists in insular populations on Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay (Western Australia) and on Barrow Island off the Pilbara coast. In 1992, after an absence of 50 years, the Boodie was successfully reintroduced to the Australian mainland.
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Photo credit: ©Jeremy Ringma | Locality: unknown (Australia)

Wolf’s Milk Slime  (Toothpaste Slime)
Fruiting bodies (scientifically named aethalia) of the plasmodial slime mold Lycogala epidendrum are quite distinctive by its little, round, reddish pink balls, which exude a pinkish orange paste when popped. This cosmopolitan slime mold grows in groups on dead wood, especially large logs. 
[Mycetozoa - Myxomycetes - Liceales - Tubiferaceae - Lycogala - Lycogala epidendrum (L.) Fr., 1829]
References: [1] - [2]
Photo credit: ©MaKeR i | Locality: unknown

Siphonophores are colonial gelatinous animals related to corals, hydroids, and true jellyfish. This deep-sea species, Erenna richardi, was observed at 1560 meters depth using ROV Doc Ricketts. 
A different species of Erenna was discovered by MBARI scientists to attract prey using red bioluminescent lures:  read more here
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do you ever realize that there was a moment when your mom or dad put you down as a baby and never picked you up again

I told my mom about this and she walked over and picked me up I am a 22 year old adult woman

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